Small Groups


We encourage anyone who is regularly attending Bridges to consider joining a 'Small

Group' so that they can get to know others and grow in relationship with each other and

with God.


Current Small Groups

Young Adults Group - Meets alternate Monday evenings

Creative Genius - Meets fortnightly

LIFE GROUP - Meets on Wednesday Evenings

Worship, prayer , Ministry, and Sharing



There are a number of "small groups" running currently.

They range from day-time to evening groups, from craft to bible study or prayer and worship groups.

If you would like more information or would like to join a small group,

check out the noticeboard at church or call the office 827 3833 and speak to Richie.







We place a lot of value on worship at Bridges Church and experiencing God’s presence in a

corporate setting. We are very blessed with a large number of people who are part of our worship


If you sing or play a musical instrument and you have a desire to be involved in our worship team,

Malcolm Aish has a well developed process to integrate people as appropriate.







A group of men from all ages and stages with a burning passion to bring God’s Kingdom to

earth in a tangible way. We share our experiences of Gods love and spur each other onto a

greater expression of his character in our everyday lives.

We meet alternate Monday evenings. All men are welcome to attend…


Young Dads Group

Young dads get together alternate Tuesdays for discussions about a range of topics and current life issues, many of which relate to family.

Other fun activities, working bees, etc are planned from time to time as well.

For more information contact us!





‘Young Mums Group’

Young mums get together alternate Tuesdays for discussions around current life issues,

especially as mums.


Women’s gatherings, activities and outings are planned from time to time.


For more information contact us!





Our society is drowning in bad news.

There are many problems that are prevalent (but not exclusively) among Maori in our

community. For the most part, (with notable exceptions) the wider church has been

ineffective in what exists as a mission field on our backdoor. Hopelessness, isolation,

inferiority, under-achievement and despair prevail in many Maori families. Negative

influence/peer pressure among youth lead to anti social, self destructive and criminal

activity. But it isn't hopeless!

Richard Berghan is being engaged by Synergy (Cambridge) Trust under the umbrella of

Bridges Church to direct Project Arahanga. Richard's experience and background equip

him well for working in the community to help deliver answers.

Richard is working in connection with 24/7 youth in local schools and with other agencies

in the community, yet Richard's role will not be duplicating the efforts of other groups since

Arahanga has distinctives, particularly along the lines of seeking, in the long term, ways to

prevent individual casualties, rather than trying to rehabilitate them later on.





Clothing Exchange

For the last 30 years Bridges has run the Clothing Exchange, as an outreach to the local

community. When it began this service was an essential help to families.

Times have changed and today there is a more diverse range of both cheaper and new clothing

as well as a number of used clothing outlets in Cambridge.


With this in mind, It was decided by our wonderful team of volunteers to phase out the operation

of this service and the final date the Clothing Exchange was open was the 16th of March 2017.






Happy Feet

The Happy Feet foot clinic is a community based, volunteer staffed service providing basic

foot care to people who have difficulty caring for or reaching their feet.



Foot Massage

Toe Nails



The clinic is open on

9.30am - 11.30am on the first and third Tuesday of the month

Bridges Church, 28 Duke Street, Cambridge



For more information or to make a booking please Maria on 027 226 9825





In addition to exploring ways to engage with projects that benefit the community

as well as national causes, Synergy regularly facilitates 'mission' activity in a variety of places.

Teams assist in a range of projects to bring practical relief and aid at a vital level.



Our teams have been sent and served 'on the ground' in such places as...


Samoa - Local village and community support


Christchurch Earthquake disaster - clean up / taking supplies, provisions


Vanuatu - Providing tank systems for drinkable water supply


Fiji - Local village and community support


Mozambique - Teams assisting in Iris orphanage work


India - Assisting Life Foundation, Orissa